Keep ‘Em Reading: Christmas Carols!

Up on the rooftop, reindeer paws.

Wait. Is it “paws” or is it “pause?”

Good tidings to you, and all of your kin.

What are “tidings?” Also? What are “kin?”

Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.

Excuse me, but please explain. A “bough?”


Funny, isn’t it, the things we can take for granted. We belt out carols every year, but have you ever stopped to really look at the words? Understand the lyrics? Better still – have you tried to do this through the eyes of a young child?xmas-twelve

As I’ve said before, song books can be a pretty wonderful (and sneaky) way for kiddos to practice some reading, as well as learn the proper words for songs they know. Same is true around the holidays! And, lucky us, there are tons and tons of really lovely Christmas carol books just for kids. Brightly illustrated, larger fonts, and ready for a tot to sing along.

Plus, if you’re willing to take the time, some Christmas carols can introduce kids to new vocabulary! It is so much more palatable to learn what “frolic” means when it is embedded in a song you already know (Walking in a Winter Wonderland).xms-winter

If you’re thinking of crafty ways to lure your child (or students) into a little pleasure reading this holiday season, try picking up a book of carols! Make it a station in your classroom! Have books of carols out just as you would magazines and the newspaper at home! xms-snowyEncourage some buddy reading (or singing). Not only will it reinforce some skills, but they might then stretch xms-deck-the-wallsthemselves on second and third (and fourth and fifth) versus they don’t already know!

Or, find some carols that use tried-and-true tunes to new words! Oh, how kiddos love a silly parody song. Pleasure reading – or should I say pleasure singing – is a blast!

  xms-katz  xms-itsy

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