Dear Teachers, Thank You.

Dear Teachers Everywhere,

You are an important member of my child’s village, and I am so grateful for you.

Thank you for waking up and heading on into work today.

Thank you for modeling election-aftermath-behavior, even if you want to jump for joy or cry in a cup of coffee.

Thank you for receiving your students, all of them, no matter who their family supported for president.

Thank you for understanding that these kiddos are still growing and learning and for realizing that some of them will, indeed, grow up to be a lot like their parents – and some will not. Thank you for embracing them all.

Thank you for reminding the students who are pleased with the election results that being on the winning side holds a certain level of responsibility in thoughts, words, and deeds towards others.

Thank you for reminding the students who are disappointed that the political pendulum is designed to swing and that they do have the strength to overcome their current sadness.

Thank you for doing what many of the rest of us cannot quite yet: inspiring civilized and peaceful conversation, connection, and community among a room full of wildly differing opinions.

Thank you for reminding all your students, no matter their views, that hate and fear and dread are just as contagious as hope and love and kindness.

I cannot provide the level of support my own children need by myself. In addition to teaching them all about sound waves and right angles and verb conjugations, you are teaching them how to be an adult.

Thank You.

With Love and Gratitude,


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