Delicious Thursday – Polar Bear’s Underwear!

Today is Delicious Thursday, yes it is!

Shall I explain?

When kiddos check out books from the library, I’m always telling them to find something delicious. Every year, I get a few confused looks and sometimes thunderous reaction. “Delicious?! Books aren’t delicious!” Oh, but they are, aren’t they? Delicious for your brain, your mind, and your soul. Well, they can be. If you pick the right one.

So, how ‘bout on Thursdays, I thought to myself, I pick a fun book to highlight. One that is delicious. Why on Thursday? Why not?polar bear's underwear

Today’s pick is eccentric and silly and wonderful. If you’re searching for a happy read aloud, listen up! Polar Bear’s Underwear by Tupera Tupera is unconventionally charming. Poor Polar Bear can’t seem to locate his underwear! With the help of his friend, he looks at various pair of underwear, only to find (with the use of cut-outs and lively illustrations) they always belong to someone else. Do you really expect me to give away the ending? I won’t do it, but the good news is, this darling picture book isn’t very long, so you can get to the bottom of where Polar Bear’s underwear is pretty quickly. The other piece of good news? It is such an entertaining little book, that you’ll not mind reading it again and again.

This has everything a picture book read aloud needs: dialogue, excellent pictures, and humor; read it just for fun!


Possible Extensions:

~ Have students create their own book similar in nature, but this time look for Polar Bear’s hat, shoes, shirt, or scarf!

~ When Polar Bear finds his underwear, he sings a little song. Ask students who like to perform to put it to music – or rap it, even! Have them write another verse – or, ask them to create a song that could appear at the beginning of the book about the lost underwear.

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