Delicious Thursday – Take Away the A

Fan of word play?

take away the aWell, I’ve got a treat for you: Take Away the A by Michael Escoffier. Granted, you have to have some knowledge of words and spelling to appreciate this treasure, but my goodness, what fun.

“Without the A the BEAST is the BEST.” And so it goes all through the alphabet – taking away a letter from one word and changing it into another. The pictures are pretty dang cute, but it can be fun to read the words aloud (without showing the illustrations) and see if the listener can figure out the final answer.

“Without the N the MOON says . . . “


Simply delicious.

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Possible Extension:

~ Ask kiddos to create their own page that could belong in this book! Find a word that, when you take away a letter from it, creates another word. Play with spelling and words!


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