Delicious Thursday – Telephone

Remember the game of “Telephone” when you were a kid? You know – you’d sit in a circle and someone would come up with a phrase or short sentence to whisper to the person sitting next to him. That person, in turn, would do the same, and eventually, word would come back around to the originator to see how much of his message was still intact.

This Thursday, may I interest you in a delicious game of Telephone? Perhaps you could kick it off with a reading of the delicious book, Telephone, by Mac Barnett.

telephoneThe story is just as you might imagine: a dispatch is sent through a line of feathered friends from mother bird to her son, Peter. With each (wonderfully illustrated) bird, the words are morphed and modified, often resulting in a giggle or two. The madness ends with a wise, older, and no-nonsense sort of owl (who, incidentally, reminds me a little of my father), who communicates the original message to Peter, who does, in the end, fly home for dinner.

Read it because it is fun. Savor it because it is delicious.

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Possible Extensions:

~What else — play a game of Telephone! Visit about what happens when people mishear things and pass along

~Check out Where Are You, Blue? (Dot Town) by Sonali Fry as another book that has characters who have the whole “I thought he said….” experience. Laugh at some of the rhymes and perhaps come up with some of your own!

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