Delicious Thursday – The Zoomers’ Handbook

What do you get when you cross a Zookeeper and a Farmer? A Zoomer, of course!

zoomerAnd what do Zoomers do? They take care of animals that are part farm animal, part zoo animal. It all makes perfect sense in The Zoomers’ Handbook by Ana de Moraes, illustrated by Thiago de Moraes.

Take the pigcock, for example, with his beautiful but muddy feathers. Or the duckaroo, who finds a nest unnecessary since it has a pouch! My favorite of all the mixed-up beasts in this wacky picture book is the polar cow, who, when fed strawberries and encouraged to dance, makes ice cream (if only!).

When reading aloud, try announcing the name of the animal first, before showing the picture or reading the description – watch the decoding in action!

This delicious read is enormously clever and lends itself to all kinds of conversations and imaginative creations!

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Possible Extensions:

~ Be a Zoomer, yourself! Create your own original creature, using half one animal and half the other. Describe what it might do, say, eat, or where it would live. Team up with the art teacher or your inner artist and draw a picture of this new living thing. Maybe use outdated animal magazines (Ranger Rick comes to mind) and have it be a mixed media project!


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