Delicious Thursday – If an Elephant Went to School

“If an elephant went to school what would she learn? The ABCs? NO WAY!”

So begins If an Elephant Went to School by Ellen Fischer. The elephant, by the way, learns how to “use her trunk as a nose, a straw, a hand, and a hose!” (Don’t you love it?)elephant

More living critters appear on the subsequent pages – and we find out what an owl, a zebra, a frog, an eel, and many more animals would learn if they were to fly, trot, hop, or wiggle to class.

Not only might some new and interesting animals be introduced to your young readers, but – wow! So many new verbs (waddle, crawl, scamper) in this text – such a fantastic vocabulary builder.

Learning aside, children often take delight in being asked a silly question (would a bee learn to read?) so they can prove their wise and knowledgeable ways to the reader.

Happy illustrations by Laura Wood make this book a surefire delicious read for back-to-school.

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Possible Extensions:

~ At the end of the book, the boy says he “would learn to read, write, share, and make friends.” The final sentence, “What would you learn?” is a perfect conversation starter. Or, write down the replies your children provide. Maybe even use it as a goal-setting device for the year! “This year, I want to learn . . . “

~ In keeping with the style of this book, have your student select a new animal and write another page. EX: If a <animal’s name> were to <verb> to school, would she <select some sort of activity a student does at school>? And then explain what the animal would do. Create your armadilloown book using this as a template! Maybe this could be a mini research into a new creature!

~ Let the fun continue with If an Armadillo Went to a Restaurant. Learn about even more animals and their eating habits!

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