Happy Halloween! Babymouse Style.

Happy Halloween! Or, Happy Belated Halloween, that is. I meant to be nice and prompt with my costume reveal and spooky wishes, but somehow kids and dog and husband (who ended up having to travel for work all weekend) and rain (oh, so much rain) made my life busier than I wanted it to be.

For starters, can we just talk about how neglected my front porch is these days? Not because I’ve fallen out of love but because to be on the front porch is to be soaked to the bone. Here is a picture taken of my street Saturday morning.


I barely made it home from the grocery store (and took a curious way home because of various puddles and lakes in the streets), and on my final turn, this river appeared. Oh, I eventually pulled into the driveway, but wet and a little grouchy, if I’m being honest.

There you have it. My excuses as to the tardiness of my Halloween post.

Let’s try this again.


This year, I dressed up as . . .



Here I am again, in a pose as if to say, “TYPICAL!”


(Babymouse is known for saying “typical!” One of the reasons I like her so much.)

Never heard of Babymouse? Well, today is your lucky day. Because now you have, so you no longer can profess ignorance. Instead, you need to grab a copy and get reading. Babymouse is hilarious and imaginative and one of the best things that has happened to get kids to read. Oh, did I mention? It is a graphic novel series – comic-book-style storytelling — by brother and sister team, Matthew Holm and Jennifer L. Holm. One of the best.Babymmusical

Babymouse is – well, a young girl mouse. She has her pack of friends as well as enemies; she experiences family life, school, a fierce love of cupcakes, and about every imaginable event that most American children do. On top of it all, she has an incredible imagination (her daydreams, which are frequent, appear in pink, an indication to the reader that she’s fantasizing again). And funny? Yes. As an adult reader of children’s books, I don’t often laugh out loud. I do with Babymouse.

Since starting the blog back in July I’ve been kind of skirting around some Big Time topics, comic books and graphic novels being one of them. I’m so passionate, so incredibly insistent, so enthusiastic about graphics (as I call them – not to be confused with graphic content; rather, I mean graphic in their presentation) that I almost don’t know where to start.

babymcampUntil today. I’m starting here, with my Halloween costume of choice. I’d only dress up as something I love, admire, and think worthy of my efforts. Ever since I read my first Babymouse book, I was hooked. And you know who else? My children and my nephews and all the students I can convince to try it. Sure, it seems girlie, but I’m telling you, the boys like her just as much (if not more than) the girls. And let’s be clear: kids love the Babymouse books because they’re good. As with any genre, books do not gain popularity just because they fall into a certain category. There are some okay mysteries and some really fabulous ones. Historical fiction can put you to sleep or keep you on the edge of your seat, depending on the author’s skill, right? Well, there are graphic novels and then there are graphic novels. And yes, I’ve witnessed children turning down some graphics babymchristmasbecause they (the graphics, not the children) aren’t very interesting or clever or smart. Lest you believe that any graphic equates interested children, let me assure you, this is not the case. But certainly, Babymouse is one to try. Or not. Because once you try one, you’ll want to read them all.

If the sun reappears this week, I hope you’ll join me on the front porch again. Graphics are on my mind, and I’m ready to talk. Or write. Or convince. Or celebrate. Or all of these things. They’re a delicious part of any child’s reading diet. I’ll go down fighting for them. Of course I will. As Babymouse would say, “Typical!”

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