Library Field Trip – Lockhart, Texas!

Need a little getaway?

I hear ya.

After weeks of traveling for work, crazy busy school projects, tests, quizzes, etc. etc., it was time for us to skip town for a few days. And so we did.

Texas is a big ol’ state, and we took advantage of the Hill Country for a few nights, here, before Thanksgiving. We climbed all over Pedernales Falls State Park,pedernales

explored the Hamilton Pool (even if it was too chilly to swim, it made for a beautiful daytrip),


and hiked Enchanted Rock (one of my all-time favorites).


caldwellAnd on the journey back to Houston today, we swung through Lockhart, Texas. Lockhart, youbbq ask? Yeah, Lockhart. Known for the BBQ, Lockhart is a gem of a Texas town with its town square still intact. It is home to the Caldwell County Courthouse, several well-known BBQ establishments, and the Dr. Eugene Clark Library.

What’s the Big Deal about this place?

It has an interesting history and is a beautiful structure. But, in recent years?

You need to read K. G. King’s Librarian on the Roof! to find out! roof

See, librarian Rose Aleta Laurell is a bit of a badass. And by the way? Librarian badasses are clarknot to be messed with. Well, she decided that the children’s section library clarkof the library needed more funding, so she plopped herself atop her library’s roof, refusing to come down until funds ($20,000 to be exact) were raised.

Do an internet search on it! It is a true story! My favorite article was inside the beautiful Dr. Eugene Clark Library in Lockhart, the Austin Chronicle, October 2000. But, the children’s book is even better! Kids LOVE to know about those who champion for their rights and interests – and they also LOVE to read about remarkable, unbelievable, amazing tales. This one is a good ‘un.

Well. The next time you find yourself driving through Lockhart, find a copy of Librarian on the Roof and share the story with your peeps! Later, you can feast on some of the best BBQ in the land.

It’s a library field trip sure to please!

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