Library Field Trip – Make Way for Ducklings!

make wayI’ll cut to the chase – are you headed to Boston anytime this summer?

If so – or even if you’re kinda sorta nearby, you should totally brush up on your Robert McCloskey and take a library field trip!

Remember Make Way for Ducklings? How could you not? If you’ve forgotten (or, heaven forbid, never read it), fear not because once you’re in Boston, they sell copies of this book in shops all over town. And it is one souvenir you’ll not regret spending money on.

Winning a Caldecott Medal in 1942, Make Way for Ducklings is a classic, and one that is worth revisiting. Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, looking for a place to raise a family, manage to – after a long series of events – settle in Boston’s Public plaque

If you go to Boston today, you can still ride a boat with a swan, walk down some of the streets mentioned in the text (although the cars people drive and what they wear will be decidedly more duck linemodern), and even visit the Mallard family. Yes, they’re cast in bronze for all McCloskey fans to visit, and they’re just as endearing as they are in his timeless book. Indeed, as in his book, the ducking at the head of the line has a head held high and appears to be the Type A of Ducklings; likewise, the one at the end is rushing to catch up. They’re captured beautifully.

When my own family visited back in 2007, my kiddos had, at the time, mostly graduated from duck uspicture books, but this was one of my “field trips” that they were most willing to accompany me on… To read Make Way for Ducklings is to love Make Way for Ducklings, young and old, alike.

No matter where your summer travels take you, check to see if there might be a tie-in with a book! It’ll make both the trip and the story that much more powerful. Should you be headed to Boston, tell Mrs. Mallard I said “hi” and take a picture to share with me.

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