It’s Not Too Hot to READ (in the kitchen)!

I hear ya, mamas! It’s hot out there!

I hear ya, papas! The kids are all over the place!

A long weekend in the summer heat. What to do, what to do?

Here’s an idea: get cookin’.kids cook

I know what you’re thinking: it’s too damn hot to turn on the oven! Well, you’re in luck because most kids’ cookbooks have plenty of recipes that are no-bake! My mother used to task me with making homemade lemonade in the summer. Refreshing summertime beverage or tricky way to give me something to do?

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t already have a kid-friendly cookbook, see if your library or used bookstore (or perhaps your next-door neighbor) has one. Additionally, Pinterest is worth a look, as is a general internet search. Bet you can find quite a few recipes funandhealthyyour young chefs can put together.

Busy with a project and something to bring to your 4th of July picnic? That’s a win-win.

What’s more? They’ll be reading! And? Without even realizing it, they’ll be participating in some math skills! (Using measuring devices makes fractions come to life!) Oh, recipe-reading is quite possibly the sneakiest way to throw in some academic skills over the summer. But, shhhhh! Don’t say a thing. Just enjoy what comes out of the kitchen.

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