Sing! Sing a Song! and Read! Read a Book!

I’m always impressed that my children seemingly know all the lyrics to every single song. How on earth do they do it?

Duh. Internet.

Remember the days when we’d buy a cassette tape and unfold the paper within and with our youthful eyes read those teeny tiny words to figure out the words to the songs?

Now, all you hafta do is search online.

Let me repeat that: now, all you hafta do is search online.

I’m FULL of tricks to keep ‘em reading, in case you haven’t already noticed.

So, one last time, now: all you hafta do is search online.

Want a very crafty way to get your child reading over the summer? SONG LYRICS! It is an absolute stroke of genius! Now, please, be watchful as to which songs you’ll allow (every family is different. I swear I’m not judging). But, what better way to get them reading?

And, you might be surprised as to which song lyrics you thought you knew! (As an aside: have you ever been to And, there are other web sites similar to this one… But, what a perfectly marvelous way to waste some time: mistaken song lyrics. I’ve been humbled as I’ve perused this.)song all things bright

In addition to the millions of web sites that provide the lyrics to your favorite songs, there are also books for this sort of thing. Ah, yes, the librarian in me was going to emerge at some point in time! But seriously, song books really can reinforce reading while having fun!

song take me out to the ballgameFor our younger friends, there are tons of books-that-are-songs. Read the book, Sing the song! Learn the lyrics! Reinforce those reading skills while singing and while loving life. Sometimes adults think that children who are reading something with which they are already familiar (say, words to a song they already know) means they’re not reading. But they are! If anything, they’re reinforcing their mad literacy skills. We never frown upon a child practicing dribbling down a soccer field, even if she is an expert player, do we? Nor should we be all that caught up in a child reviewing words he can read.

song let there be peace  song everylittlething  song what a wonderful song belugasong denver song star spangled

Do you remember Ramona’s version of the Star Spangled Banner in Ramona the Pest? She asks ramonaif someone can turn on the “dawnzer?” She thought it was a lamp! And, passels of children through the years have confused the individual letters L, M, N, O, P in the traditional alphabet song with a single eliminopee. So, song lyrics might surprise – or inform – a young reader as to the real words of a song!

Yeah, no, you say. My son is far beyond the likes of Baby Beluga, and my daughter has no interest in Bob Marley. Allright, says me, how about songbooks by the infamously talented Alan Katz?

song silly dilly  song quite polite  song going going

This guy. This guy. His goofy and child-approved alternative songs provide the tune to which you can sing them (ex: sing to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb). And bonus: they entail topics song pottysuch as overdue library books, stinky diaper changes, smelly lockers and parents who are always on their cell phones. Reluctant reader heaven.

I don’t need to tell you that those hot, never ending summer days are upon us. If you’re looking for a new tactic to keep ‘em reading, songbooks (traditional ones or those the likes of Katz) might be your ticket.

While you’re at it, sing along! And keep reading,


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