Finished Reading the Comics? I’ll Take ’em!

table cordds
Is it a desk? Or a dining room table?

I can’t explain it. I love to cut. I love to glue. Some of my teacher friends have declared it my superpower (along with nagging, but maybe all moms have nagging as their superpower?) – all I know is if you hand over a pair of scissors and a bottle of glue, I can stay busy for hours.

Our dining table has somehow transformed into a glorified desk. Hubs plants himself there in the evenings, hiding behind his laptop, half working, half watching the Olympics, half playing Dota with our son. The rest of the family, along with son’s friends and the cousins often join him, as well. Yes, we can eat at our kitchen table. Yes, I’d so much rather friends and family collecting together (even if they are all on computers) than retreating into their rooms with the doors closed. And, yes, I sometimes want my dining table back.

Solution: order son into the attic and have him bring down a small table that served an unknown function in a past residence. Hopefully, hubs might be convinced to move on over to it, freeing up a place for us to eat dinner once and a while. It was a bit battered and scratched, though. Nothing a little sandpaper and primer couldn’t fix. But what then?

Yup! Scissors! Glue! Messes!    table 5

We don’t take the local newspaper, but I have some lovely friends who do; in exchange for a front porch glass of wine, they gave me their comics (how’s that for a win-win?), and I got to work.

I’m no stranger to Mod Podge. This stuff is the greatest – good for gluing without leaving bumps and ripples. It seems that I have at least one Mod Podge project going each summer. Wreaths, baskets, a chair. See? I’m not kidding. Love this kind of stuff.

Anyhooooo, I cut the comics up into squares, about an inch and a half long – and started slapping them on. Actually, I’ve learned (the hard way) to tackle the “hard” parts first: the edges, corners, any spot that isn’t flat. And then, placement can be pretty much haphazard.

table 2
Edges and corners FIRST, then the rest is a breeze!

table 4


Once the table was covered, I gave it a couple extra coats of Mod Podge to make sure everything was good and glued down. Normally, I’d take this mess outside, but do you know how hot it has been down here?

table 1



I did, however, move outside (to the front porch) for the polyurethane coat since it smells so much. With two fans blowing on me and a giant jug of iced tea, I coated the table a few times with the polyurethane.



table a


If you have any comics you’re finished reading (you did read them, right?), I’ll take ’em! I’ve got a couple of chairs up next!


Brainlessly easy, perhaps your classroom or playroom could use a little literary chair, table, clipboard, poster, or stool? In addition to comics, old books (that are falling apart) work well, as do candy wrappers, ticket stubs, stickers – I have a friend who hopes to use baseball cards – genius!


Keep Crafting,


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