What did you do today?

It’s Friday, and the lure of the porch is strong, folks. The weather is cool, the weekend ahead, and I’ve nothing better to do this evening than sip a margarita (recipe here) and visit with the hubs about the week behind us as well as the week ahead of us.

Well, what did you do today? (Anyone old enough to remember Seinfeld? We always joke about asking each other about our days, based on Kramer’s distaste for this ritual.)


Today, I tell the hubs, I made masks.


He doesn’t even blink or say excuse me? Because he knows I’m practically crazy and most definitely happiest when I’m wielding scissors and a bottle of glue.

How does this relate to my actual work?

I’m so glad you asked!

Currently, I’m semi-obsessed with this book:cozy

So Cozy by Lerryn Korda.

For one, I adore the pictures. Adorable animals. Fantastic colors. Simple, clean, and happy.

Moreover, this is one of those stories that lends – no, begs – to be acted out by a group of kiddos. Similar to the old folktale The Mitten, a dog decides he needs a rest, and he looks so cozy that one after another, various animals join him. It doesn’t take too long before nobody is really very cozy, as they’re all piled on top of one another. Of course, there is resolution in the end, wrapping up with some very cozy feelings, after all.

Acting out a book? Yes! And, my goodness, they always love it. Mind you, I’ve had students act out books without any props at all, though a few are better than none. I’ve used stuffed animals and puppets and pictures on a stick, but today felt like a mask-making day, so I came. I made.

And I hoped.WP_20151113_002

After making a dog, a cat, two rabbits, two bears, a goat, a snake, a goose, an elephant, and a mouse, I hope that when I attempt this lesson next week, the buy-in is huge, the delight in becoming a character evident, and the ability to sequence and re-tell a story is developing. But who am I kidding? I just want them to have some fun.

Mmmmm, front porch. Mmmmmm, margarita. Mmmmmmmm, masks.

And what did you do today?

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