Delicious Thursday – Finding Wild

wildWant to take your breath away?

Find a copy of Finding Wild by Megan Wagner Lloyd. And when you do, admire that beautiful cover, illustrated by Abigail Halpin. In fact, I might suggest you just look through the book first, absorb the colorful, fantastic pictures. Then, on your second pass, add in the words. And oh, the words! No, not words . . . language. Gorgeous, vivid, evocative language that portrays all things wild, from the loud to the soft, from the immense to the tiny.

If you’ve not yet had time to get outside much this summer, perhaps this book will be your impetus. Because “[w]ild is full of smells – fresh mint, ancient cave, sun baked desert, sharp pine, salt sea.” Wild is thunder and snow and wind and plants and scents and sounds.

Our children, no matter how many YouTube videos they watch, respond to books like these, they really do. Why? Because children know nature and beauty. Children might not be able to articulate it, but they do recognize words that are thick with meaning, full of imagery, and exquisitely strung together.

“Wild keeps many secrets, waiting to be discovered – like its candy: honey from bees and sap from trees, swift-melting snowflakes and juice-bursting blackberries.”


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Independence Pass in Colorado. May 2016
Independence Pass in Colorado. May 2016

~Get Outside! Wild is everywhere, even – as the end of the book will prove – your own backyard will do! Do anything outside: read a book, play a game, watch the clouds, look for bugs, plant a seed. Think about paying attention to your senses. What do you hear? Smell? See? Taste? Feel? Write down adjectives! Share your list with each other! Expand your vocabulary!

Davidson River
Davidson River

~ Were you able to get outside this summer? Using your memories and/or pictures from your adventures, let this book inspire you to script a one or two sentence caption for some of your photos!

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