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floatdavidWant something delicious? Try Float by Daniel Miyares. A slim, wordless picture book, Float is perfect for a snuggle on the couch with your favorite kiddo, perhaps on a day when the weather isn’t cooperating. A young boy creates a paper boat from a sheet of newspaper on a rainy day (instructions included!), and he sets out to play and watch it float. Of course, things don’t always turn out as we want them to, and he returns home, disappointed in what Mother Nature has done to his boat. But never fear! Life is always better with a hug, the ability to get dry and warm, and start anew! The sun will shine again – both in the sky and on this boy’s face – and another sheet of newspaper can create a new plaything (instructions included!).

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Possible Extensions:

~ I suppose it should come as no surprise that it would be very easy to use the book’s instructions to make a paper boat (or – spoiler alert – a paper airplane) of your own! Your local/school library likely has paper airplane and origami books, and of course, you can find instructions online, too, should you want variations to the one in this book. (And? Might I add? Following instructions like making paper airplanes is a pretty great skill. Who do you want to assemble his IKEA furniture later in life? Get your kiddos to do these things now! Train that brain! Also? You might be surprised how challenging it can be for a young child to fold paper. Sound silly? It’s true. Making paper boats, hats, origami is excellent fine motor practice.)

~A science lesson on rain, puddles, water, reflection, ripples, and the like. Mixing fiction and non-fiction can have great effect!

~Talk about what people wear for different circumstances! What this boy wears outside in the rain is different from what he wears inside and different from his clothing when it turns sunny. Grab all kinds of clothing, put it in a box, reach from it, and talk about when you would wear what piece and why?

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