A Good Night for the Good Knight

Ahhh-chooo! Our son was so generous as to share his winter cold with us. I’m wrapped up in a robe, forgoing the front porch, hot tea in hand.

My sister called to check on me, as sisters do, and after patiently listening to me complain that this is the cold that will not end, she said, “you need yourself a Good Knight.”

How I love my sister. Just the mention of one of my favorite books provides cheer. She’s right, goodknightthough. There’s nothing like the Good Knight to make you feel better – or at the very least, loved – when you’re feeling unwell.

Get Well, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas is actually one of many Good Knight books. In this tale, the Good Knight clippity-clops all over to find a remedy for his pals, the dragons. So much repetition in this book makes it a super early reader, but the kindness of the Good Knight (and his mother, who – shall I spoil it? – ultimately provides the best medicine: homemade chicken soup) is what captures my heart.

Next time you have a sick friend, with a nose that is drip-drip-dripping, clippity clop on over to her house with some soup and a copy of this perfect get-well book. We can all use a Good Knight to save the day now and then, right?

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