About the Front Porch Librarian – Short Version

The Front Porch Librarian lives and works in Houston, Texas with her family. A school librarian for the past 10 years and a mom to two children who are readers, she is always thrilled to talk shop.

About the Front Porch Librarian – Longer Version

FPL about meA Native Houstonian, Mary Lasley, a.k.a. The Front Porch Librarian, lives with her husband, son, daughter and very large, goofy, loveable, untrained dog. She holds a B.A. in History from Rice University and a M.L.S. (that’s Master of Library Science. Truth – it really is a degree. Some people think we’re joking FPL Jacksonwhen we say that.) from the University of North Texas. But, more importantly, she uses her experiences as babysitter, pre-school teacher, school librarian, mother, aunt, and human being on the face of this planet to form her thoughts and ideas about all things books and reading. She really does blog on her front porch, weather permitting (you know exactly what that means if you are familiar with Houston). When not blogging on the front porch, she likes to swim, garden, cook, craft, sew (in short, make lots of messes) and play Blokus with anyone willing to take her on. Someday, her front porch will be in Asheville, North Carolina with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Why The Blog/About This Blog

It is inevitable: if you’re a lawyer, someone, at some point in time, will ask you a legal question. Doctors, too (“Do you mind taking a look at this bump on my arm…?”). My own husband is a computer guru, and his computer knowledge isn’t limited to work – friends are always asking his opinions about tablets, networks, whatchamacallits, and thingamabobs (is it obvious that I, myself, am not a computer person?). And so, this blog. Just like everyone else, people stop me, email me, visit with me at the grocery store about what books their child might like or what book they should gift a new mom or my thoughts on audiobooks. I love these conversations, and I always have an opinion. Truthfully, books and children and reading and the adults-in-their-lives are my passion.

I blog on my front porch (literally sometimes but figuratively always) because the front porch, next to a library, of course, really is a wonderful space to explore new ideas, have meaningful conversations, sometimes stray off topic, while still feeling cozy and comfortable – and usually, with some form of delicious beverage nearby.

So, join me, why don’t ‘cha? I’m regularly out on the front porch — pull up a chair, relax, and let’s have a chat. I hope you swing back by often.

Intended Audience

Parents, homeschoolers, educators, and librarians are likely candidates for finding useful information here. While children’s book recommendations regularly appear, this blog is for adult readers. The Front Porch Librarian tries to keep her cool, but she has been known to be fervent – which may, whether you approve or not – include some interesting use of language and really, ideas better suited for a mature audience.


If you happen to know the Front Porch Librarian personally, please know that her blog and views expressed therein do not necessarily reflect those of her family, her friends, her dog, or her employer. She crafts and works on her blog during her personal time, and the contents of frontporchlibrarian.com are entirely hers and hers, alone.