Delicious Thursday – Babymouse Beach Babe!

Probably won’t come as a surprise to you that, after costuming myself in a very starchy, felt beach babeBabymouse outfit last week, today’s deliciousness is graphic novel Babymouse Beach Babe by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm. To be sure, I relish all the Babymouse books; Babymouse is real and very funny. I can completely identify with her love of cupcakes and longing for straight whiskers.

As with all other Babymouse titles, daydreams (in pink) and side conversations with the omniscient reader abound. Though I’ve not read a Babymouse I didn’t enjoy, Beach Babe remains my favorite of the series. Why Beach Babe? It has everything that I love in this world: the last days of school, the beginning of summer, a family vacation, and some sibling love. I’m painting a cheerful picture, here. In reality, Babymouse endures a massive locker cleanout, a carsick little brother, sunburn, loneliness, guilt, and, ultimately, redemption. A happy ending will get me every time. A happy ending and some Babymouse. Try any in the series – they’re all yummy.

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Possible Extensions:

~ Visit the Babymouse web page to find out more about the Holm siblings and all things Babymouse! You might try your hand at creating your own Babymouse story in speech bubbles that you can print out.

~ Try your hand at creating your own original comic. Or, if that is too overwhelming, try continuing the story a little. Comic creation can be hard work but so rewarding. Surf the internet and/or the App Store – there are quite a few quality comic book creators. Give one a try – play!

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