Delicious Thursday – 101 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking a Bath

bathI laughed out loud today. It felt really good. The reason? 101 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking a Bath by Stacy McAnulty. It is neither profound nor complex, but it is funny – and so very, very relatable.

What is it, exactly, about kiddos who don’t want to hop into the tub at the end of the day? In this case, we’ve got a boy who is willing to come up with 101 reasons why he is not taking a bath. The reasons range from the possible (“I took a bath yesterday”) to the goofy (“I only take a bath in the sink. Or the dishwasher”) to the far-fetched (“Aliens might attack while I’m in the bath”).

He has plenty of them, and, if you’ve ever wrangled an unwilling bather into the bathroom, you’ve probably heard some of these reasons, yourself. Likewise, if the kiddo you read to at night has ever fought off a bath, she probably will enjoy this boy’s imaginative thoughts.

Nothing like a fun bedtime read that both parent and child just Totally Get.

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Possible Extensions:

~ It might be a challenge, but the boy never comes up with 101 reasons (more like 88); ask your student/child if he can dream more to get up to the promised 101!

~ In the style of this book, have your child or students write their own “101 Reasons Why I’m Not…” book. Come up with something other than take a bath…maybe eat my vegetables? Or how about go to bed? I bet most kids can come up with something they don’t much enjoy doing! Writing about why they shouldn’t do it could wind up being kinda fun!

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