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While it might still be January, we’re starting to think about Spring Break. I should clarify: it feels like spring in Houston – we’re hitting 80 degrees almost daily. This year, we tolerated exactly two days of winter, and now we’re back to the usual combo: heat and humidity. So, of course our mindset is springtime! That, and, as we all know, we need to think about booking our flight, making hotel reservations sooner rather than later.WP_20150316_011

A couple of spring breaks ago, the family spent a few days out in San Francisco. The hubs had meetings in Seattle for a few days following our spring break, and the kids had never been to San Fran, so off we went! We ate, we walked, we saw plenty of sights: Alcatraz, the Cartoon Art Museum, Twin Peaks, Muir Woods.

And, of course, we admired the Golden Gate Bridge while we were there. What a marvel – things like bridges and giant skyscrapers san franalways fascinate me. That we can construct such massive, sturdy objects onto the ground. . . mind-boggling. So wondrous that Dave Eggers recently penned a conversational non-fiction book, This Bridge Will Not Be Gray, about the construction — and ultimately the color choice — of this most awesome landmark.

I truly dig this different kind of book. For one, it is illustrated. How I love stretching the minds of young children and reminding them that just because a book has pictures (and not photographs) does not mean it is fiction. If the words are true, the book is non-fiction. The narrator is chatty, often addressing the reader, and the pictures are bold yet simple.

If you happen to be heading out to the Bay Area, see if your local library has a copy of this gem, and read up on what you’ll certainly spot on your travels. While you’re at it, pull up a map online or in an atlas so you can see the bay and the reason for the bridge in the first place! Your kiddos likely will get an absolute bang out of seeing the Golden Gate in person after reading about it. Maybe when you’re there, you might spot someone painting it – a fact mentioned in the book that is incredible: the bridge is always being painted. To the tune of 10,000 gallons of paint a year!

No matter what your Spring Break plans may be, see if there are any children’s books about your destination! What the kiddos might sigh and roll their eyes over could become pretty interesting if they have some previous knowledge in form of an interesting book!

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