Delicious Thursday – Charlie Piechart and the Case of the Missing Pizza Slice

It’s almost FRIDAY! And if I know weekends like I know weekends, there is a very strong chance that pizza will be involved. Mmmmmm….pizza. So, it is fitting that today’s Delicious Thursday pick is entitled Charlie Piechart and the Case of the Missing Pizza Slice by Marilyn Sadler. Did I just say that?!? My 9-year-old-fraction-loathing-self is staring at me in pure disbelief. Let’s just say math is not my forte. Any story involving math – and especially fractions piechart<shudder!> — is not something I’ll be gravitating towards.

And yet, Charlie Piechart, his two sisters, Kate and Alice, along with his parents and best bud are a charming group of folks. They opt to order pizza for dinner, but when a piece of pizza goes missing, there is a mystery to solve. On top of everything else, fractions appear throughout the story. It is neither convoluted nor preachy; rather, it is simple, clean, and outright funny, with happy pictures to boot.

This mystery is delicious on its own – that it contains math is just a pretty cool “extra.” And – spoiler alert – anyone who owns a dog will appreciate how the missing piece of pizza is discovered.

I know, right? A book that combines pizza, fractions, mystery, and farting? Just when you thought you’d seen everything…. (oh, and, grape soda. I mean. Seriously.)

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Possible Extensions:

~ Fractions, fractions, fractions. In the book, Charlie makes fractions from just about everything – beyond slices of pizza. Use his example, and make fractions using your family member’s pizza preferences, who likes which kind of soda, or anything else you can think of!

~ Make pizza. Do fractions with pizza. Talk about pizza toppings. Practice division (I can’t even believe I’m suggesting such a thing!) by figuring out how many pieces of pizza each person can have. There are a zillion lesson ideas online involving pizza – find one you like!


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