Book A Day: The Five-Dog Night

Is there a better time to snuggle under a giant, soft blanket and read, as cold weather grips much of the nation over the next few days?

I didn’t think so.

Might I suggest an oldie but goodie to get you through these downright frigid days:

The Five-Dog Night by Eileen Christelow makes for a perfect cold-weather read-aloud (actually, it is a solid read-aloud any time of year, but especially as our teeth chatter). Ezra and Betty are neighbors; Ezra does not appreciate Betty’s nosiness, and Betty thinks Ezra is stubborn (and sure to become ill with his refusal to bundle up in the cold weather).

Of course, Ezra discovers he undervalues Betty’s concern (and cookies), and Betty realizes Ezra’s method of staying warm is really quite effective. Dog lovers in particular will find this an exceptionally snuggly read.

Stay warm and keep reading,


Possible Extensions:

~ What kind of cookies do you think Betty bakes? And do you know of anyone who could use some homemade cookies? Maybe baking up a batch of a family favorite and sharing them with a neighbor and/or nearby first responders (police and fire) is a swell way to spend a winter’s afternoon?

~ Even though Ezra has his dogs to keep him warm, it is still so thoughtful of Betty to check on her neighbor and offer a blanket. Do you have any neighbors you can do even a small something for? Now or throughout the year? Make a list of various acts of kindness you can perform for anyone in your neighborhood who can use a little extra TLC.

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