Dear Parents, Thanks for the Midnight Harry Potter Purchase

Dear Parents Who Took Their Child(ren) to Purchase the New Harry Potter at Midnight Last Night,

Thank you.

Thank you for supporting bookstores across the land. Many people who own and operate bookstores, particularly independent shops, often work there because they love to. They love the books, the events, and their customers. Passionate about the power of literature, booksellers are happy when they match their readers with that perfect book. Imagine all the workers who arrived back home in the early hours of the morning pleased. Satisfied. Happy. Think of all the people who left their store, thrilled with their purchase.

Thank you for valuing reading so much that you helped make last night Something Special. Staying up late for a sleepover party or because your flight on a return trip home was delayed is customary enough, so why not stay up late because a fresh, new, exiting read is available? You just created a memory your child will hang onto for a lifetime. Remember when you took me to the Harry Pottery launch party at the bookstore at midnight that summer?

Thank you for encouraging your child to read. Sure, you could have waited to acquire Rowling’s latest creation, but in getting your copy at midnight, you let it be known that you’re all for their thirst for adventure, fantasy, and story. No matter the pursuit, children are far more likely to extend themselves if they feel your support; backing their consumption of books produces a brain full of ideas, information, and compassion, and it further ensures that they will . . .

Keep Reading,


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