Book A Day: The Perfect Siesta

YAWN. I dunno about you, but the holiday season (and cooler temps) allow for lots of satisfying naps.

Jaguar, however, wants to take just a 10-minute siesta, so he asks the coati to wake him up in 10. Naturally, a siesta sounds good to coati, too, so he enlists the help of cockatiel. You see where this is going, surely. Animal after jungle animal is asked to wake up the next…

The best part, though, is the very funny, very loud, very silly way in which the animals all eventually wake up. Get your best snore prepared when reading The Perfect Siesta by Pato Mena aloud.

Keep napping and reading,

Possible Extensions:

~ This is an excellent act-out book! Assign roles, read the book aloud, have children act out the story! Oh, how much fun they’ll have to pretend to be asleep – and to be awakened.

~ Jungle animals! Do a little research on these animals – see if you can dream up other jungle animals who might also be friends with the ones in this story.

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