Snow Day, Schmow Day

Friends in North Carolina and Tennessee are posting pictures on Facebook of their snow day today – without a trace of snow in sight. School is cancelled for the day, and there isn’t even any snow to play in! What do I know about snow, anyway? Or playing in it, for that matter?

I am somewhat familiar with those days when you’re stuck inside. With kids. Who have boundless energy. And make noise. And need something else to do. In Houston, we call it summer. Oh sure, we swim, but there comes a time in August when the pool feels like a sauna and the 100 degree temperatures and scorching sun really do keep you inside for the bulk of the day.

What to do, what to do

Well, today, should you be homebound, you can play a rollicking game of Snowmen at Night.

It’s quite simple. Here’s what you do:

  1. Grab a copy of Snowmen at Night by Carolyn Buehner (illustrated by her husband, Mark snowmenBuehner).
  2. Read it aloud to a young audience. Marvel at all the things the snowmen in the book do when the world is asleep.
  3. Ask your young charges what they think their snowman might do at night? But! Shhhh! Don’t tell us! Show us! Let’s play a game!
  4. Similar to charades, have your kiddos act out what their snowman does at night. If they don’t quite Get It, you go first. Maybe you could pretend to dribble a basketball and shoot a basket? Mime making a sandwich and eating it. Act like you’re picking a book off the shelf and reading it to yourself! Have everyone guess what your snowman is doing.
  5. Give everyone else a turn.

Enjoy your snow (or no-snow) day, everyone!

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