Book A Day: Spunky Little Monkey

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back to school we go. The holidays were fun, but reality awaits. Reality being the return to school and, in many cases, indoor recess. It’s COLD out there, y’all!

Check out my latest find to entice the wee ones to release some energy:

Spunky Little Monkey by Bill Martin, Jr. and Brian Sampson and illustrated by Brian Won is the latest book to help out teachers, parents, or anyone with energetic young children in their care. Shake, stomp, clap, and move your body so you can concentrate for morning classroom work, wiggle in lieu of recess, or just chant and soar for the fun of it all.

It may be a quick read, but it calls for repeat readings (and wiggles). The bright illustrations will rouse listeners right along with the peppy rhyme.

Keep shaking and reading,


Possible Extensions:

~ Perhaps you could create your own sing-songs that ellicit movement? Clap them, stomp them, sing them out – loud and proud!

~ Though this book is aimed more for the pre-school set, it would be a fantastic book for an older sibling/student to share with younger friends! Have some older peeps find some little peeps to share this rhyme with – their parents or teachers would likely love the diversion!

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