Book A Day: The Starry Giraffe

Sometimes a storybook just makes you smile. In this case, The Starry Giraffe by Andy Bergmann not only made me smile but also every member of my immediate family (yes, I made them all read it, including my in-a-hurry-18-year-old-son, who, sure ‘nuff, smiled when he finished it – he may have also let out a little giggle) and a handful of children for whom I recently read it aloud.

Giraffe finds an apple tree, full of gorgeous, tasty, red apples. As he plucks one apple after another off the tree, various animals happen by, all in the mood for a delicious apple, themselves. What’s a friendly giraffe to do but give these apples away?

Give them away he does until he realizes the apple tree no longer has any more apples, which makes him a “little sad” (I admit it: it made me sad, too!) . . .  until you turn the page and just smile (it’s all you can do) at the very satisfying conclusion.

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Possible Extensions:

~ Another book that begs to be acted out! Assign children in a classroom to be various characters in the story, read the book aloud, and have them act it out!

~ How many apples, total, did giraffe give away? Technically not a “math” book, you could still creatively come up with different ways to count, add, and subtract, should you want to!

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