What are YOU reading this summer?

Most common question I’ve received so far this summer:

What are you reading?

Because. The whole being a librarian thing.

I’m reading all kinds of books right now. As a children’s librarian, I read a lot of children’s books.  I occasionally cheat a little and read the first few chapters of a children’s chapter book and then the last few chapters. I know, I know . . .  Sometimes when I tell people this, they’re so disappointed, crushed, even.  My dirty little secret is out, but I only have so much time and yet so many books to promote to my young readers. I do have a pile of chapter books I plan to tackle, though – either in whole or in part. And, lots of pictures books. Yes, I do read all of them; at 32 (usually) pages, I can spend the time. Really, I read any picture book that comes my way.

But adult books? Yes, I read those, too. Truthfully, I don’t read too many adult books throughout the school year. Seems that winter and summer are my times to indulge in such matters. And while I really do love reading children’s and young adult books, I think it is important to read adult books, too. It reminds me of the power a good story with interesting characters has. It reminds me that sometimes Netflix and Facebook and Instagram are so much less appealing when I’ve discovered quality writing. It reminds me how truly amazing it can be to get lost in a good book and how much I want that for the children (and their teachers and parents) whom I serve. It reminds me that books open your mind, teach you new things, give you new experiences, grant you empathy. It reminds me that I am a reading role model for my own children – they need to see me reading for my own personal pleasure, not just for work.

Here is my summer pile of books . . .



The Nest by Cynthia D. Sweeney.

A full cast of fascinating characters and a busy, interconnected story. Read this in two days…though one of those days was during a 17-hour car drive, so perhaps in normal-time it would have taken me longer. Perhaps not. I had to find out how it ended.





Free Days with George by Colin Campbell.

This is the Book Of The Summer, as the hubs and I like to say. Meaning, the book we’ll read aloud to each other. I know, didn’t Where the Red Fern Grows teach me anything about books involving dogs? Still, this sounded like a fun one to try, so try it we will.






Guests on Earth by Lee Smith.

Oh, because I’m back on a front porch in Asheville, my 8th summer to relax not far from the former Highland Hospital. Zelda Fitzgerald is fascinating to me.




Boxers and Saints by Gene Luen Yang.

This is my son’s summer reading (for school), and I often (though not always) read what my children are assigned for summer reading. I read Yang’s American Born Chinese, and I’m interested to try Boxers. (Daughter was assigned All the Light We Cannot See, which I consumed about a year ago.)


That’s it (for now), but as is typical, I usually pick up a few others. I mean, how can you stroll into Malaprop’s and not leave with a few treasures? You can’t.

So many hundreds of thousands of fascinating stories, memoirs, poems, non-fiction pieces are out there. We librarians are actually always on the prowl for recommendations, ourselves. Feel free to add yours – I’d LOVE to know — what are YOU reading?


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