Book A Day: Yaks Yak

Random question: ever wondered how many animal names are not only nouns but also verbs? (You were just thinking about this, weren’t you?)


Bats = flying mammals

Bats = the act of swinging a bat

Or how about

Kids = human children

Kids = joking

So, marinate on this for a while. And, if you’re anything like me, once you start paying attention, you’ll start to notice there are bunches of such homonyms out there.

And guess who loves homonyms (besides me)? Children! They do! They get a bang out of them. So, when you next would like to engage in a little word play with your peeps, pick up a copy of Yaks Yak: Animal Word Pairs by Linda Sue Park, pictures by Jennifer Black Reinhardt.

Your audience may learn a few new words (while they may know badger as an animal, they may be less familiar with badger as a verb – the little glossary in the back of the book is just right), and they’ll definitely have a bit of fun with the sheer number of ways the English language keeps us on our toes!

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Possible Extensions:

~ Keep a running list of homonyms in your classroom or house that you and your kiddos run across! This will increase their vocabularies as well as their familiarity with various spellings and nuances in our language! Use the list to create your own book of homonyms!

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